5 Signs That Your Architecture Firm Is in Need of 3D Rendering Outsourcing

Is it necessary for architects to outsource 3D rendering? And, if so, when should they begin to use it? The responses will vary depending on the owner of an architectural firm. At some time, your company will be able to produce all 3D visualizations in-house and be satisfied with the results. However, if your business grows, your requirement for 3D rendering work may increase. And it may turn out that relying entirely on the firm’s efforts to handle the 3D visualization demand is no longer advantageous. On the contrary, it starts to have a detrimental impact on the production of your architecture firm. Your team becomes overburdened with 3D rendering responsibilities, resulting in subpar outcomes or missed deadlines.

#1. Your 3D rendering team is overworked in-house.

You may hire 3D visualization experts to work in-house. They are not, however, required to labor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Assume you receive an urgent CGI job at the end of the day. This implies you’ll have to pay your in-house artists overtime if they remain longer in the office. What if your senior 3D artist becomes ill or goes on vacation at the same time as a really critical CG rendering project? Should you take a chance and commit the job to inexperienced workers? That isn’t required. When you’re in a position like this, 3D rendering outsourcing is your best bet.

#2. You don't have a lot of 3D rendering projects, therefore hiring an in-house artist isn't cost-effective.

The quantity of 3D visualization work you require may change depending on your firm’s target audience. If you’re designing restaurants or hotels, for example, CG rendering is a must-have for presenting your concepts. If you specialize in home design, however, photorealistic images are unlikely to be required for every job. Many of your clients may prefer simple CG visualization, sketches, and mood boards over photorealistic CGI since they are less expensive. Only a small percentage of the clients you work with will request photorealistic renderings of their future houses.

#3. You don't have enough visuals to keep your website and social media accounts up to date.

You’ll need a strong web presence to attract new clients to your architecture company. This entails having a user-friendly and visually appealing website, as well as constantly updating social media profiles with relevant new information. You’ll need a lot of eye-catching images of your final products for this. But where can you obtain those if the majority of your projects are still in the planning stages and a portion of the completed ones are under NDA? It does not appear to be a smart idea to keep sharing photographs of a few ready-made designs or stock images.

#4. You don't have the financial means to invest in high-end 3D rendering hardware and software.

Photorealistic rendering necessitates the use of extremely powerful graphics cards and CPUs. Even a simple 3D visualization takes a long time without this gear. Furthermore, while rendering is taking place, it will be difficult to work on any other job on the computer. Furthermore, if you have huge 3D rendering tasks, such as CG animations, even purchasing a sufficient PC will not enough. You’d need a render farm to create them in an acceptable period of time.

#5. You have a basic understanding of 3D rendering but lack the ability to create photoreal CGI.

The great majority of architects have used 3D modeling software at some point in their careers. They can create Sketchup or Revit models that accurately depict the geometry, size, and proportions of architectural items. And in certain cases, that’s all that’s required.

But what if you want hyper-realistic representations, complete with photorealistic renderings of every wall and tree leaf? It may be a request from a client who want to view how their future villa would appear in person. You could also need such CG images to convince a tender or competition jury. You also won’t be able to create a presentation on your own because you aren’t educated in producing lifelike atmospheric renderings. Simply because it’s not an architect’s job.


These five indicators indicate that 3D rendering outsourcing is a good option for you. If you don’t want to bother with generating photoreal pictures of your projects in-house, such a service is a godsend. Entrusting the creation of CG renders to professionals may relieve a significant amount of stress from your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your primary task. Outsourcing 3D visualization services will help you advance professionally in this way.

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