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Lumion Free Tutorials to Improve Your Architectural Visualizations

If you’re using Lumion to create architectural visualizations, the following Lumion free tutorials will come in handy. These lessons will help you increase your productivity and give you practical and technical tips that are simple to learn.

Learn how to make panoramic and 360° pictures, videos, and more by adding objects, using lights, and modifying materials.

We hope you enjoy the videos that follow.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started and Importing a Model

“How to use the new, speed-oriented interface to import your 3D model from your favorite 3D modeling software instantaneously.”

Present your architectural project like a work of art with Us 

“Learn about the content library and how it can help you produce renders more quickly and effectively.”

“Learn all you need to know about applying and modifying Lumion materials effectively and efficiently.”
“When it comes to describing architectural designs, context is key. 
You’ll discover how to generate gorgeous context for your 3D drawings in short amount of time.”
“Know how to efficiently adjust the weather conditions in Lumion to truly capture your 3D project in its best potential light.”
“In Photo Mode, learn how to make photos. 
Creating graphics for your 3D project, whether realistic or conceptual, involves only few steps and can be completed in minutes.”
“It’s astonishing how quickly and easily you can make cinematic, completely stunning animations.”
“In Lumion, learn how to make panoramic photographs. 
You may easily make 360° photos and take your clients to the heart of your projects with the Oculus Go or HTC Vive.”
“In Lumion, learn how to make panoramic photographs. 
You may easily make 360° photos and take your clients to the heart of your projects with the Oculus Go or HTC Vive.”
“In Lumion, learn how to make panoramic photographs. 
You may easily make 360° photos and take your clients to the heart of your projects with the Oculus Go or HTC Vive.”
lumion free tutorials

That’s a wrap up. We hope you enjoyed watching these free Lumion tutorials. Stay tuned for more! 

Let us know what kinds of tutorials and advice would you like to see in the future?

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  2. Tolle Tutorials, da ich zuerst mit Architektur anfange und das wird mir sehr helfen, ich werde mir die Zeit nehmen, sie alle zu studieren, und danke fürs Teilen

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  7. this is a great way to Learn how to make panoramic and 360° pictures, videos, and more by adding objects, using lights, and modifying materials.

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