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Trends in Architecture that will take over in the future

The world of design and construction, like any other sector or market, is no longer the same as it was a year and a half ago. Trends in architecture evolve everyday. In fact, we may say it is completely different. And it’s largely owing to two recent and highly significant occurrences in society. On the one hand, we have been absorbed in the digital transition for several years. A digitalization that has resulted in the establishment of render service companies such as LX Design Studio. The global pandemic of COVID-19, on the other hand, has become more relevant in recent years. With both of these influences influencing everything, we try to predict what architectural trends may emerge in the near future along these lines.


What will be the new trends in architecture in the following years?

We are experts in architecture, design, and other fields. But, because we are not fortune tellers, it is hard for us to take out a crystal ball and foretell exactly what the architectural and building business will look like in the near future. The reason for this is that there are numerous things that can influence. In actuality, since the year 2020, the situation has changed dramatically, and architectural tendencies appear to be dominated by:


  • More emphasis on originality and innovation in constructions and designs.
  • A stronger dedication to architecture that is environmentally conscious and uses sustainable and recyclable materials. Furthermore, this applies to both public and private structures.

The global pandemic, as we stated in the start to this post, has changed everything. People have learned how vital it is to have comfortable houses and spaces in which to spend time with family and friends as a result of the confinements imposed in many countries. As a result, the trends in architecture in 2022 will not be the same as what we thought it was at the start of 2020, when the pandemic broke out. For this reason, and in the future, a different path should be taken.

There are several architectural trends that will be considered

For the reasons stated above, studies and well-known architects have already predicted that future architectural patterns will be substantially different from those currently in use. Similarly, home and space design trends are likely to consider the following topics:


  • Making the most of the limited space available in today’s homes. In other words, the goal in huge city apartments and smaller apartments is to provide more amplitude. The goal will be to create a feeling of natural brightness. How? By utilizing screens and windows, as well as removing as many walls as possible.
  • Look for land with more open space. Above all, from the standpoint of builders, because, as a result of the pandemic, society values greater spaces even more, even if they are located outside of city centers.
  • Kitchens are becoming larger as a result of the boom. With confinement, the importance and interest placed on eating at home, and thus on kitchens, has increased dramatically. As a result, just as smaller kitchens have been constructed in the past, it appears that these rooms will rise in importance and become a trend in architecture in the near future.
  • Terraces and balconies, like kitchens, have proven to be useful in the middle of so much constriction. Those who have been able to enjoy outdoor spaces in the open air, even if it was in central flats, have been tremendously appreciative throughout our imprisonment. As a result, it appears that elevating the importance of balconies and terraces will be another architectural trend in the next years.
  • Preponderance of materials is a term used to describe a situation in which there is Trends in architecture will continue to follow this course in the future, both to reduce noise pollution and to address environmental concerns. In other words, to utilize materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible while also providing comfort and rest within the home.

Taking into account the five architectural trends described above, we can conclude that the industry will seek green designs and structures in general. As a result, they will strive to appear as natural as possible. We must not overlook the existing and future trend of passive building, which we will discuss later.


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Another Architecture trend that is gaining traction is home automation

At the same time, another factor, similar to the epidemic and its ramifications, will shape the way we build and design in the near future. Indeed, it has been doing so for a few years and continues to do so today. We’re referring to the previously mentioned digital transition, which encompasses home automation and smart houses.


We’re talking about a design and architecture trend that’s spreading like wildfire. The use of intelligent systems is becoming more prevalent in the industry. Innovative task automation systems are being integrated into new buildings and residences, as well as those that are being modified, to regulate the light, irrigation, temperature, electrical appliances, security, and so on. And it’s all controllable and programable from any of our devices (smartphones and tablets).


trends in architecture
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Interior design trends

And, as has been the case in recent years, the concept of interior design is becoming increasingly integrated with that of architecture. We now place a high value on the atmosphere we can create at home or at work. As a result, interior design trends are becoming more important to architects, interior designers, and other construction-related professionals.


In this regard, it’s worth noting that what defined the course over the last several years will continue to matter in the future. As a result, what was fashionable in interior design in 2021 will remain so not just in 2022, but also in the years ahead. We discuss topics like:


  • Bets on natural light, with the elimination of partitions, walls, and walls as much as feasible in both internal and outside spaces.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials that also seem like traditional ones. Without going any farther, the least amount of plastic and other similar materials will be used, and they will be replaced with more innovative materials.
  • Decorations with basic lines that aim to create large spaces in living rooms and rooms to create comfortable and relaxing situations.
  • The open kitchens that connect to the living and dining rooms create a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

At the same time, another component of future architectural trends that we do not want to overlook in this essay is the path that institutions will follow. And it is that when it comes to developing, designing, and decorating public parks and other types of spaces, municipalities and public organizations will take these lines into account as well.

trends in architecture

Passive architecture is an important future trend

And, if we’re talking about trends in architecture or patterns, we can’t leave out the concept of passive architecture. Many well-known architects and experts in the field are already incorporating this approach into their work and projects. But, first and foremost, what exactly does this phrase imply?



The new concept of architecture, often known as passive houses, refers to the emerging trend of planning and developing places and residences that utilize the least amount of energy feasible for air conditioning. That is, structures in which air conditioning and hermeticism are achieved in the most effective manner possible. How? Applying and considering factors such as these:



  • The porosity and compactness of the materials employed To put it another way, their density. As a result, the urban compactness in which the structure is located.
  • The orientation in which the spaces are constructed.
  • The heat used to transfer the materials utilized to construct.
  • The windows, (openings) which are necessary for room cooling.

Taking these aspects into account, passive design aims to use techniques and materials that use the least amount of energy to cool or heat a space. Similarly, passive architecture remains one of the architectural styles that will be followed in both 2022 and subsequent years.

trends in architecture




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    As we move towards a more sustainable and technology-driven future, the trends in architecture are shifting towards designs that are not only visually appealing, but also energy-efficient and sustainable. One of the most prominent trends is the use of green architecture, which involves the incorporation of natural elements such as green roofs, vertical gardens, and renewable energy sources into building designs. Another important trend is the use of smart technology, which allows for automation and greater control over building functions such as lighting, heating, and cooling.

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